$10 Master Class: Simplify Your Story

taught by Allyn Lewis

Course description

You keep hearing around the interweb that you need to "share your story", which is great and all, but how does one actually do that?

You even understand the importance between personal story and brand success. However, you keep putting doing this off because you aren't sure where to start in the process of connecting the two.

Sound familiar?

I mean, you've lived a lot of life and you've had so much stuff happen to you, so what are you supposed to include in your "story"? And how the heck does this tie into your business? Is anyone even going to care?

In this Master Class, I'll walk you through how to distill your story to pull out what parts are important for your audience to hear. I'll even show you how the struggles you've been through have created the strengths that you run your business with (every time I do this exercise with a group in person, each and every person has an ah-ha moment, not even kidding!).

After this class, you'll be able to clarify your story that so it looks less overwhelming to you. That way, you can start sharing it with your tribe in a way that actually draws them in toward your brand.

Pretty cool, huh?

Without your story, you'll continue to confuse your audience and you'll miss out on that "she totally gets me" kind of connection that leads to both support and sales.

It's time to do this, Gem!

Class is 30 minutes followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.

(This is a recording of a previously held live Master Class. For upcoming classes, click here)

Allyn Lewis
Allyn Lewis
Strength Builder & Storytelling Strategist

My name is Allyn Lewis and I strategize stories. When I was in high school, my dad committed suicide and it shattered my world. Now, while battling my own mental health issues, I’m helping entrepreneurs around the world style their own stories to find strengths in their struggles to grow extraordinary brands.

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Simplify Your Story Master Class
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