$10 Training: Getting Your Audience to Talk to You

taught by Allyn Lewis

Course description

Do you ever feel like you're talking to yourself? Maybe you find yourself questioning the content and purpose of your posts and emails?

What if I told you the problem might not be with your content and purpose but more with the presentation and lack of opportunity for your audience to engage with you?

In this $10 Training I'll give you my secrets to creating the conversations you deserve to be having with your audience! I'm confident you'll leave this class with the tools to talk to your audience on the levels you've been dreaming about!

Class is 30 minutes followed by a Q&A session.

Allyn Lewis
Allyn Lewis
Strength Builder & Storytelling Strategist

My name is Allyn Lewis and I strategize stories. When I was in high school, my dad committed suicide and it shattered my world. Now, while battling my own mental health issues, I’m helping entrepreneurs around the world style their own stories to find strengths in their struggles to grow extraordinary brands.

Course Curriculum

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